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Waxing is a hair removal procedure that involves removing unwanted body and facial hair by the follicle. This process involves the use of either hard wax or soft wax. The hard wax is usually used in areas of more sensitivity such as the bikini, under arms, and parts of the face. The soft wax is more appropriate for larger areas where sensitivity is not a concern such as the legs, arms, chest, and back. A waxing procedure will require the skin to be healthy, clean and dry, and free of any lotions or oil as these topicals will cause the skin to be slippery, preventing the wax from adhering properly. The wax is applied onto the skin at a warm temperature and pulled in the opposite direction thus removing the hair by the follicle. Waxing can feel uncomfortable at times, but the discomfort is swift and the procedures are quick.

Sugaring is the ancient art of hair removal that involves the use of a natural sugar paste composed of melted sugar, lime juice, and water. Sugaring is the most holistic approach to hair removal since all ingredients used on its paste are 100% natural. This procedure is appropriate for all parts of the body and face. The paste is applied onto the skin upwards, combing the hair in the opposite direction of its growth, and pulled straight out making it less likely for the follicle to be damaged. The sugaring paste is smooth, room temperature, and also more gentle on the skin peeling less layers of the epidermis during the process.

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